About Blue Light

The blue light emitted by your phone or laptop screen can keep you from falling asleep at night.

A number of studies have concluded that wearing blue-light-blocking eyewear before bed contributes to a significant improvement in sleep quality.

Our eyewear is designed to block out 100% of UV light (280-380nm), 65% of the harmful range of blue-violet light (380-440nm), while allowing helpful blue light (450nm+) to pass through.

Read more about the benefits of cutting back on blue light: 

Harvard Medical School
If you use a lot of electronic devices at night, consider wearing blue-blocking glasses.

The American Journal of Applied Physiology
Evening exposure to a white LED-backlit screen elicited a significant suppression of the evening rise in melatonin – and subjective as well as objective sleepiness.

The Journal of Biological and Medical Rhythm Research
At the end of the study, the [blue light blocking glasses] exposed group experienced significant improvement in sleep quality relative to the control group. Mood also improved significantly relative to controls.

Vision Council 
72.6% percent reported they did not know eyewear can be used to protect the eyes from short- and long-term effects of digital eye strain.

Sydney Morning Herald 
Scientists say they have found how blue light from smartphones, laptops and other digital devices damages vision and can speed up blindness. 

Scientific Reports Journal
Using live cell imaging and optogenetic signaling control, we uncovered that blue light-excited ATR and 11CR irreversibly change plasma membrane bound phospholipid... and disrupt its function.

(We had to read that last one a few times too).